WinTemper is a highly accurate, programmable,
multi-temperament tuner for windows

WinTemper has many features including:

Wintemper is available to download completely free of charge.

WinTemper screenshot

Who is it for?

WinTemper is principally designed for musicians who want to learn about historical temperaments. It's not a coarse tuner — the pitches you're tuning need to be within a semitone of what they should be (this is a sacrifice I have to make until computers become more powerful). You'll need to have a reasonable sense of pitch yourself to benefit from WinTemper.

Why is it free?

WinTemper is free because I wrote it for fun and education, I don't have time to support it and there is plenty of other tuning software you can pay for if you want to. However, with WinTemper you're benefiting from some pretty serious academic research and an approach to pitch perception that's probably unique.

If you enjoy and would like to support my work, please feel free to make a PayPal donation.

Who wrote it?

WinTemper was written by me, Mark Wilkes, as part of my master's degree in Music Technology, which I did at Queen's University, Belfast, having decided that a career as a cello teacher wasn't quite what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I play the viola da gamba (which I studied with Andrew Robinson and the indomitable José Vázquez) - hence the interest in historical temperaments. I live in Dublin and work as a software engineer at Betfair, who manage to consume much of the time I'd otherwise spend on enhancing WinTemper.